The Membership doctype allows you to record membership details for the Member.

Membership is a term that refers to any organization that allows people to subscribe, and often requires them to pay a membership fee or "subscription".

1. How to Create a Membership

To create new Membership go to:

> Non Profit > Membership > New


Member: Member is a link field that fetches member details from Member doctype.

Membership Status: Membership Status is a select field that contains New, Current, Expired, Pending, and Cancelled. The Expired status will automatically be updated when the membership period gets over.

Membership Date Details section: This section contain information related to the Membership start date, end date, and member since date.

Payment Details: This section contains payment-related details. If the person paid for membership checkbox paid is marked as checked else unmarked. The Amount is fetch based on the membership type.

2. Features

2.1 Generate Invoice

If you have checked Enable Invoicing in Membership Settings, you will see a button to generate a Sales Invoice from the Membership form.

3. Membership Payments using RazorPay

For recurring membership payments you can setup razorpay subscription for members. You can find instructions on setting up razorpay here

> Note: This feature is available in Version 13 and above only.

You can follow the steps listed below to setup a Razorpay subscription for memberships.

  1. Setup RazorPay
  2. Setup Billing details
  3. Setup Plans
  4. Import Existing Members
  5. Setup RazorPay Webhook
  6. Setup Website

3.1 Membership Settings

You can find instructions on setting up razorpay here. You can setup billing in Membership Settings in the Non Profit module.


Checking Enable RazorPay For Memberships will show you more configuration options.

  • Billing Cycle: This is the period of time between billings. You can either select Monthly or Yearly Billing.
  • Billing Frequency: The number of billing cycles for which the customer should be charged. For example, if a customer is buying a 1-year membership that should be billed on a monthly basis, this value should be 12.


There are other configurations available for Invoicing.

  • Enable Invoicing: Checking this will enable creating invoices for memberships using a Generate Invoice button.
  • Auto Create Invoice for Web Forms: If you have custom web forms set-up, enabling this will automatically create Sales Invoice when payment is authorized.
  • Make Payment Entry: Auto creates Payment Entry for Sales Invoices created from Membership using web forms.

Checking Enable Invoicing will allow you to configure the Company and Debit Account for your invoices. Checking Make Payment Entry will allow you to configure the Payment Account.

  • Send Membership Acknowledgement: If this is enabled, you will get an option to send an acknowledgment about the Membership to the member once the invoice has been generated.
  • Email Template: You can configure the email template for the acknowledgment and set it here.

If Send Membership Acknowledgement is enabled, you can enable Send Invoice with Email to send the Invoice along with the Membership. You can also configure print formats for Membership and Invoice individually here.

3.2 Setting Up Plans

Membership Type corresponds to your RazorPay plan. You can read more about Membership Plan here


When Razorpay subscription options are activated, you will see a Plan ID field. This is where you can add the plan id from Razorpay.

> Note: You have to add all your active plans and legacy plans for seamless billing.

3.3 Importing Members

If you already have members you can import them using the Data Import Tool. Here's a video tutorial of the same.

You need to import members with the following fields.

  1. Member Name: Full name of the member
  2. Membership Type: Name of the plan they are subscribed to
  3. Email Address: Email ID used for Razorpay transactions
  4. Subscription ID: Subscription ID provided by RazorPay
  5. Customer ID: Subscription ID provided by RazorPay
  6. Member PAN: This is optional

> Note: RazorPay subscriptions will only be tracked for those members whose data exists in the Member list.

This is how a member will look like in ERPNext. Membership

3.4 Setting up webhook

You can set up a webhook from the RazorPay dashboard in settings. You can read more about webhooks in RazorPay here. This webhook will notify your ERPNext site whenever a new subscription is created or renewed.


You will need the following details to set up the webhook.

3.4.1 Webhook URL

The following is the URL for your ERPNext site. This is the endpoint RazorPay will utilize to notify of any subscription related activity.


3.4.2 Events

You have to enable subscription.activated and subscription.charged events.

3.4.3 Active

Check this to enable the webhook

With this, your webhook is activated

3.5 Triggering new subscription from your website

You can use the RazorPay client side integration to set up payment on your site. To do so, you will first have to create a subscription order with RazorPay against which you can trigger a payment.

To create a subscription order, you can use the create_member_subscription_order endpoint in ERPNext.

You can send a POST request at the following endpoint


The arguments to be passed is a dictionary with member details

    "plan_id": "Foundation Starter" // Plan name as detailed in Membership Type
    "fullname": "John Doe",
    "mobile": "7506000000",
    "email": "",
    "pan": "Testing123"

On successful creation, a member and customer will automatically be created. The endpoint will return a JSON as follows.

    'subscription_details': {
        'plan_id': 'plan_EXwyxDYDCj3X4v',
        'customer_notify': 1
    'subscription_id': 'sub_EZycCvXFvqnC6p'

You can use the subscription_id to trigger a payment.