A Territory is a geographical region you do business in.

In ERPNext, a Territory is used to classify Customers, Addresses, in accounting report, and to allocated sales targets.

To access the Territory list, go to:

Home > Selling > Settings > Territory

1. How to create a Territory

  1. Go to the Territory list, click on New.
  2. Tick 'Group Node' if there'll be sub-territories under this Territory. For example, France is a group Territory and Paris is a sub-territory.
  3. Save.

    Territory List

You can add multiple sub-territories under a parent territory. On saving, a territory can be selected in transactions and reports.

2. Features

2.1 Assigning a Territory manager

You can assign a Territory Manager who looks after the Sales of of this region. This isa

2.2 Setting Sales Targets

Here you can set specific sales targets based on the following fields:

  • Item Group
  • Fiscal Year
  • Target Qty
  • Target Amount
  • Target Distribution

Territory Target

To know more about setting sales targets, visit the Sales Person Target Allocation page

  1. Customer
  2. Address
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