Dynamic Link field is a field which can search and hold the value of any DocType. Let's consider an example to learn how Dynamic Link field works.

While creating Opportunity or Quotation, we have to explicitly define if it is for a Lead or a Customer. Based on our selection (Lead/Customer), another link field shows up where we can select the actual Lead or Customer.

If you set the former field as Dynamic Link, where we select actual Lead or Customer, then the later field will be automatically linked to master selected in the first field, i.e. Leads or Customers. Hence we need not insert separate link fields for Customer and Lead.

Below are the steps to insert Custom Dynamic Field. For instance, we will insert Dynamic Link Field in Journal Entry.

First, we will create a link field that will be linked to the DocType.

Custom Link Field

By DocType mentioned in the Option field, we mean parent DocType. So, just like Quotation is one DocType, which has multiple Quotation under it. Same way, DocType is also a DocType which has Sales Order, Purchase Order and other doctypes created as DocType records.

---- Sales Order
---- Purchase Invoice
---- Quotation
---- Sales Invoice
---- Employee
---- Work Order
.. and so on.

So linking this field with parent DocType will list all the DocType records.

journal Voucher Link Field

This custom field's type will be "Dynamic Link". In the Option field, the name of the Doctype link field will be mentioned.

Custom Dynamic Field

This field will allow selecting document id, based on the value selected in the Doctype link field. For example, if we select Sales Order in the prior field, the Dynamic Link field will list all the Sales Orders ids.

Custom Dynamic Field

Customizing options in the Doctype Link field

By default, the DocType link field will provide all the forms/docTypes for selection. If you wish this field to show certain specific docTypes in the search result, you will need to write Custom Script for it.

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