LinkedIn Settings

Note: This integration is deprecated and will be removed in v15.

LinkedIn related settings like OAuth can be configured here. ERPNext needs access to the API through which the post is shared and achieved using OAuth 2.0 Authentication Protocol.

1. How to set up LinkedIn Developer App

You must have LinkedIn Developer App for your company. ERPNext interacts with this App for sharing the post.

1.1 Create LinkedIn Developer App

Create App by link fill all the details and verify it. And that App has the following products.

  1. Share on LinkedIn

  2. Sign In with LinkedIn

  3. Marketing Developer Platform LinkedIn Developer App Product

1.2 Configure Redirect URLs:

  1. Goto your LinkedIn Developers App then Auth tab.

  2. In OAuth 2.0 settings section add Redirect URLs: https://{yoursite}/api/method/erpnext.crm.doctype.linkedin_settings.linkedin_settings.callback

  3. Click Update to make changes. LinkedIn Redirect URL

2. How to set up LinkedIn Settings

To access LinkedIn Settings, go to:

Home > CRM > Settings > LinkedIn Settings

LinkedIn Settings

Company ID

You get the Company ID from your LinkedIn Company URL. LinkedIn Company ID

Consumer Key and Consumer Secret

You get Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from your LinkedIn Developer account go to: > My Apps > {Your App} > Auth

LinkedIn Client

Once you save the doc by filling Company ID, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret it will redirect to LinkedIn's sign-in page by providing valid LinkedIn credentials and clicking Allow, the member approves your application's request to access their member data and interact with LinkedIn on their behalf. Authorize LinkedIn

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