Feedback Request Using a Web Form

In the ERPNext version 11, we have a feature which allowed collecting a Feedback from a Customer and users. In ERPNext, this feature is now manageable using built-in customisation tools like:

  • Custom DocType
  • Web Form
  • Notification

Following are the steps on how you should configure a feature and start collecting feedback.

Feedback as a DocType

Create a Custom DocType for Rating on these lines

  1. In the first fields, list a DocTypes for which you want to collect a rating
  2. In the Document Name field, just enter the name of first field "document", so that it becomes a Dynamic Link field.
  3. Enter a Rating field. You can also choose other data or select field, if you wish to take rating on those lines.

Web Form for Feedback Form

Once a DocType is created, simply create a Web Form by fetching all the standard fields from Feedback doctype.

Create a Notification

A Notification should be created to send a link to a user following which they will submit a rating. You can define the conditions for triggering an email based on standard features of Notification. Following is the help on how to define a message and link which would take user to a Web Form and allow submitting a rating.{{}}


  • will be URL of your ERPNext account
  • feedback will be the name of custom doctype added for collecting a feedback
  • document=Sales%20Order& will be a name of DocType for which you want to sent a notification
  • document_name={{}} will pick-up specific document name and update in the Document Name field of Feedback form.

Quick Demo:

Here is the demo of how link would be generated, Web Form would be filled and capture in ERPNext.

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