The term 'Open Source' refers to those softwares whose source code is available for its use, distribution and enhancement to the users.

Unlike proprietary softwares, open source softwares are built in pubic with the help of communicate collaboration and made available freely to the users.

ERPNext is a free and open source software published under GNU General Public License (GPLv3) license.

It grants you the freedom to..

  • Use the software for any purpose

  • Change the software to suit your needs

  • Share the software with anyone

  • Share the changes you make

The source code of ERPNext is available on GitHub.

Advantages of an open source software are:

  1. There is no lock-in with one specific vendor.

  2. You can host the application anywhere, including your own server to gain complete ownership and privacy of the data.

  3. You can access a community for help.

  4. You can benefit from using a product that is critiqued and used by a wide range of people, who have reported hundreds of issues and suggestions to improve the product.

    While ERPNext is free and open source, running a server for ERPNext, implementing it and, supporting it is not an easy task. You can opt for professional help at or find a suitable service provider. This will allow you to reduce your risk and focus on delivering business value.

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