We have seen dozens of ERP implementations over the past few years and we realize that successful implementation is a lot about intangibles and attitude.

ERPs are not required.

Like exercise.

The human body may seem like it does not require exercise today or even tomorrow, but in the long run, if you wish to maintain your body and its health, you should get on the treadmill.

In the same way, ERPs improve the health of your organization over a long run by keeping it fit and efficient. The more you delay putting things in order, the more time you lose, and the closer you get to a major disaster.

So when you start implementing an ERP, keep your sight on the long term benefits. Like exercise, its painful in the short run, but will do wonders if you stay on course.

The Champion

ERP means organization wide change and it does not happen without effort. Every change requires a champion and it is the duty of the champion to organize and energize the entire team towards implementation. The champion needs to be resilient incase something goes wrong .

In many organizations we have seen, the champion is most often the owner or a senior manager. Occasionally, the champion is an outsider who is hired for a particular purpose.

In either case, you must identify your champion first.

Most likely it's you!

Lets Begin!

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