Opening Stock is the amount and value of materials that a company has available for sale or use at the beginning of an accounting period.

The closing Stock of the previous accounting period becomes the opening Stock of the current accounting period.

1. Prerequisites

  • Create Warehouses.
  • Link Warehouse to appropriate accounting ledgers.

2. Opening Stock for Non-serialized Items

To post opening stock visit the Stock Reconciliation page.

3. Opening Stock for Serialized and Batched Items

Create the Batch and Serial No records beforehand. To post opening stock for serialized and batched items:

  1. Go to Stock > Stock Transactions > Stock Entry > New.
  2. Select 'Material Receipt' in 'Stock Entry Type'.
  3. Select the Warehouse in 'Default Target Warehouse'.
  4. In Items table select Item Code, Qty and Basic rate.
  5. For batched items select Batch No.
  6. For serialized items select Serial No.
  7. Save and Submit.

4. Video

  1. Accounting Of Inventory Stock
  2. Stock Entry
  3. Stock Reconciliation
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