Salary structure and Payroll

Use case 1:What if one Salary structure has to be assigned to all the Employees ?

If a single Salary structure has to be assigned, it is preferable to create a structure for all the Employees, irrespective of their Salaries, but we can set formula based on which actual salary structures can be allocated to each employee in an organisation.

Go to Salary Structure --> select the Earning or deduction component --> Add formula

This way, salary will be calculated individually for each employee depending on their monthly income.

Use case 2: What if while generating a payroll, all the employees are not supposed to be fetched, payroll has to be created for selected employees?

Generally, while a payroll is being processed, there is an option --> Get Employees, once it is clicked, all the employees are fetched.

In case, there is only a selected list of employees payroll to be generated, it is preferable to select the employees by filtering on the basis of department, branch or designation, this way only selected list of employees belonging to the particular filter will be selected for payroll.

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