Introduced in Version 13

A Non Conformance is a observation that can be filed by any person in the organization to note non compliance to a specific procedure

Once Quality Procedures are defined, the goal of a quality focussed organization is to ensure that they hare followed. This ensures consistent quality and parameters as per the customer's expectation. If these procedures are not followed, an observation is recorded via a Non Conformance or called NC in quality systems.

In ERPNext, you can create a Non Conformance by selecting the Quality Procedure against which it was observed, maintain its status and record corrective and preventive actions

1. Prerequisites

  1. Quality Procedure

2. How to Create a Non Conformance

  1. Go to Quality > Non Conformance or find the Quality Procedure and click on + from the dashboard.
  2. Record your observations
  3. Record corrective / preventive actions if any
  4. Update status

Non Conformance

  1. Quality Procedure
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