Leads come from many different sources. It is important that all leads are recorded, assigned to sales executives and followed up.

1. Create Leads From Emails

You may have an email address like 'sales@yourcompany.com' which is probably displayed on your website. People may send emails asking information about your products and services. You can enable Email Account to pull these emails and create a lead for each email.

2. Create Leads From Webforms

You can also map the Lead form to a Web Form and publish it on your website. When visitors of your website fill the form, it will be automatically added as a Lead.

3. Create Leads From Incomplete Orders in E-Commerce Module

You can publish an e-commerce website and allow users to place an order for your products. If a user selects items but doesn't complete the process you can pursue that user as a lead.

4. Create Leads By Importing Spreadsheet

If you have a spreadsheet with details of the leads, you can use the Data Import feature to import the leads.

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