The Manufacturing module in ERPNext covers all necessary features a Manufacturing business would need. There are options to take a Work Order, enter stock of items, create a Production Plan, create a Downtime Entry, manage the Bill of Materials for Finished Goods / Template Items, generate reports, and more.

Different types of manufacturing like make to stock, make to order, and engineer to order can be managed in the ERPNext Manufacturing module.

Manufacturing Desk

1. Topics

1.1 Basic and Setup

  1. Onboarding
  2. Manufacturing Settings
  3. Manufacturing Dashboard

1.2 Bill of Materials

  1. Bill Of Materials
  2. Operation
  3. Workstation
  4. Routing

1.3 Production and Material Planning

  1. Work Order
  2. Job Card
  3. Production Plan
  4. Downtime Entry

1.4 Advanced

  1. Item Alternative
  2. Subcontracting
  3. BOM Update Tool
  4. BOM Comparison Tool

2. Manufacturing Reports

2.1 Planning

  1. Demand Driven Forecasting
  2. Production Planning Report

2.2 Work Order, Quality Inspection & Job Card

  1. Work Order Summary
  2. Work Order Wise Consumed Materials
  3. Returned Materials Against Work Order
  4. Job Card Summary
  5. Quality Inspection Summary
  6. Production Analytics

2.3 BOM, Operations, and Maintenance

  1. BOM Search
  2. BOM Stock Report
  3. BOM Operations Time
  4. Downtime Analysis

3. Articles

3.1 Production

  1. Capacity Planning
  2. Open Work Orders
  3. Scrap Management

3.2 Bill of Materials

  1. Managing Multi-level BOM
  2. Valuation Based On Field In BOM
  3. BOM Costing in Different Currency

3.3 Others

  1. Material Consumption
  2. Customer Provided Items
  3. How to change Dashboard in Manufacturing Desk
  4. Run MRP on Parent Warehouse in Production Plan

4. Videos

  1. Bill of Materials
  2. Work Order
  3. ERPNext for Manufacturers (Make to Order)
  4. ERPNext for Manufacturers (Engineer to Order)
  5. ERPNext for Manufacturers