Loan Management

Loan Management module in ERPNext helps you manage your loans right from Loan Application to Loan Closure. You can track disbursements, repayments, security pledging and unpledging, loan interest accrual and much more.

In ERPNext, a single loan cycle involves the following transactions:

1. Setting Up Loans

  1. Loan Security Type
  2. Loan Security
  3. Loan Security Price
  4. Loan Type

2. Loan Cycle

  1. Loan Application
  2. Loan Security Pledge
  3. Loan
  4. Loan Disbursement
  5. Loan Interest Accrual
  6. Loan Repayment
  7. Loan Write Off
  8. Loan Security Unpledge

3. Advanced

  1. Process Loan Security Shortfall
  2. Process Loan Interest Accrual
  3. Loan Security Shortfall