In ERPNext, you can maintain fixed asset records for Company assets like computers, furnitures, cars, etc. and manage their depreciations, sale, or disposal. You can track locations of the assets or keep records of employees who are using the asset. You can also manage the maintenance details of the assets.

1. Topics

1.1 Asset Management

  1. Asset
  2. Asset Category
  3. Asset Location
  4. Asset Movement

1.2 Asset Maintenance

  1. Asset Maintenance Team
  2. Asset Maintenance
  3. Asset Maintenance Log
  4. Asset Repair

1.3 Asset Transactions

  1. Asset Value Adjustment
  2. Purchasing an Asset
  3. Selling an Asset

1.4 Discarding Assets

  1. Asset Depreciation
  2. Scrapping an Asset

1.5 Assets Reports

  1. Asset Reports

2. Videos

You can check out this video for a demonstration of managing fixed assets.