The Champion

We have done hundreds of ERPNext implementations over the past decade and we realize that successful ERPNext implementation is a lot about intangibles and attitude. ERP systems bring organization-wide changes which need to be managed effectively.


What does a project champion do?

  1. Creates a shared vision among all the stakeholders.
  2. Translates the shared vision into executable tasks.
  3. Defines and explains the role and responsibility of each stakeholder.
  4. Communicates the latest status, direction and explains the 'why' of decisions taken to all stakeholders.
  5. Manages the implementation project.
  6. Change management.

What skills should a project champion have?

  1. Technology: From familiarity with spreadsheets to basic troubleshooting.
  2. Domain Knowledge: Must be familiar with the general process in procurement, sales, inventory management. And should understand the intricacies of your industry and your company.
  3. Communication: Must possess effective oral and written communication skills and build consensus among all the stakeholders.

In many organizations, the champion is a senior manager. Occasionally, the champion is an outsider who is hired specifically to play this role.

In either case, you must identify your champion first.

Most likely it's you!

Let's Begin!