Healthcare Service Unit

ERPNext Healthcare helps you map your Facility Infrastructure and manage Appointment Scheduling, Billing, etc by creating Healthcare Service Units. These are made available for Appointment Booking or Inpatient Occupancy and also for Billing.

1. How to Create a Healthcare Service Unit

To create a Healthcare Service Unit, go to:

Home > Healthcare > Masters > Healthcare Service Unit

  1. Give a name to the Service Unit.
  2. Specify the Parent Service Unit.
  3. You can create a hierarchy and check "Is Group" if you want to create some units under it.
  4. If "Is Group" is not check, select the Healthcare Service Unit Type. The configurations such as "Allow Appointment", "Inpatient Occupancy", "Is Billable", "Allow Overlap" are auto-fetched from the Healthcare Service Unit Type.
  5. Set the Warehouse if the type is linked to an item.
  6. Select the Company (Hospital) where this unit will be used.
  7. Save.

For Example, Healthcare Service Unit for the type "Healthcare Practitioner Consulting Rooms":

ERPNext Healthcare

2. Healthcare Service Unit Tree View

It is also possible that you can group and organize all the service units in a hierarchical manner and edit them from the tree view.

ERPNext Healthcare

This Form has been Changed in Version 13

  1. Healthcare Service Unit Type