Installing RediSearch to enable super fast E-commerce Search


The E-Commerce module of ERPNext optionally uses RediSearch to enable superfast search functionality which is configurable via E Commerce Settings.

Once installed and configured, RediSearch will be used to super charge the search functionality of the E-Commerce website. This includes features like fuzzy-word searching, autocomplete, results ranking and customizable field indexing.


  1. Frappe Framework + ERPNext Setup
  2. Redis 6+

Installation Instructions

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd RediSearch
$ sudo make setup # Remove `sudo` on macOS
$ make build

On successful completion of the above instructions, a binary file will be generated in the RediSearch/build directory.

Move this binary to the /etc directory and restart your Frappe Server:

sudo mv build/ /etc/

Now, open the redis_cache.conf file located in the config directory (inside the bench directory). Add the following line before the save "" line and then restart bench server:

loadmodule /etc/

This will load the redisearch module at startup. You can check if the module was loaded successfully by running the following command in the redis-cli:


and search should be one of the modules.

You can also load the module on a running redis instance by running the following command in the redis-cli:


We placed the module in the