Point of Sale

A Point of Sale refers to the time and place where a retail transaction takes place.

For retail operations, the delivery of goods, accrual of sale and payment all happens in one event, that is usually called the 'Point of Sale' (POS).

In ERPNext Sales Invoices can be generated from the POS. There are two steps to set up POS:

To access POS, go to:

Home > Retail > Retail Operations > POS

1. Prerequisites

Before creating and using Point of Sale, it is advisable to create the following first:

  1. POS Profile

2. How to create a POS Invoice

Once you set up a POS profile, you can start billing on POS.

  1. Go to POS and select a Customer.
  2. Add Items from the list displayed on the right by clicking on them.
  3. Ensure that the Item has a Selling Price set in the Item Price list.
  4. Edit the quantities as needed.
  5. In order to edit Rate and Discount, you need to enable them in the POS Profile.
  6. A default Warehouse needs to be set to complete the transaction. If Warehouse is set in both Item and POS profile, the one in POS Profile will be given preference.
  7. Do note that you need to have Items in your Warehouse before you can sell. If Items are not available, a red dot will be shown next to the Item when selected.