Web Page

Static Content like your Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Terms pages can be created using the Web Page.

To access Web Page go to:

Home > Website > Web Site > Web Page

1. How to create a Web Page

  1. Go to the Web Page list and click on New.
  2. Enter a Title and add content in Main Section. The route will auto generated but you can change it.
  3. Click on Save.
  4. The web page will be published only when Published is ticked.

New Web Page New Web Page

View your Web Page by clicking on See on Website in the side bar.

Web Page Web Page

1.1 Tips on making a good Web Page


The first thing to set is the title of your page. The title has the maximum weight for search engines so choose a title that reflects the keywords that you are targeting for your audience. The route (URL) will be auto-generated from the title but you can change it.


You can write your content in Rich Text, Markdown or HTML. If you want to make simple content pages, Rich Text and Markdown are great options.

Learn markdown in a few minutes at Mastering Markdown.</