A homepage is the default landing page of your website.

ERPNext's Website Module generates a default landing page for your website. You can customize it in Homepage.

To access the Homepage page in ERPNext, go to:

Home > Website > Portal > Homepage

1. How to setup Home Page

  1. Select the Company.
  2. Set the Title. This will be shown in the Browser Tab.
  3. Configure the Hero Section as explained in the next section.

Homepage Homepage

Make sure your default 'Home Page' is set as home in Website Settings for this to work.

2. Hero Section

There are three ways in which you can customize the way the Hero Section looks:

  1. Tag Line and Description (Default).
  2. Homepage Slideshow.
  3. Custom Hero Section.

2.1 Tag Line and Description

After you set your Tag Line, Description and Hero Image you'll have a decent looking front page. You can also change the URL for the Explore button under URL for "All Products".

Website Homepage Website Homepage

2.2 Homepage Slideshow

Set the Hero Section Based On to Slideshow and the