Inventory Dimension

Introduced in Version 14

Inventory dimensions in ERPNext are used to track an inventory with multiple parameters. By default, ERPNext allows to track an inventory using warehouses, batches, and serial numbers. If users want to track inventory with custom parameters then they can configure it using the Inventory Dimension feature. The user gets an option to select the Inventory Dimension on respective inventory documents as well in the stock ledger and stock balance report. With this feature, you can view dimension-wise stock ledger and stock balance reports.

To access the Inventory Dimension list, go to:

Stock > Settings > Inventory Dimension

Create Inventory Dimension

new inventory dimension

  • Create a new record and select the Reference Document which you want to use as a custom Inventory Dimension.
  • You can select any non-child document in the reference document.
  • Next, the user has to put the dimension name against which the system will create a custom link field in the Applicable Documents.

Applicable For Documents

Apply to All Inventory Documents