Set Current Value for Naming Series

Naming Series feature allows you to define prefix for naming of a documents. For example, if a Sales Order has prefix "SO", then the series will be generated as SO-00001, SO-00002... and so on. Click here to learn how you can customize Number Series for a transaction/master in ERPNext.

1. Setting the Current Value

Naming Series feature also offers a tool where you can set Current Value for specific prefix. This is generally required if you have recently started using ERPNext, and have old transactions in the previous system, and you want the numbering series to start in from where it ended in the old system. Let's consider a scenario to learn this better.

For example, you have 322 Sales Orders created in your old system with SO00322 as highest Sales Order Id. In ERPNext, you need the first Sales Order to pick up #323 when it is saved. To enable this, you should set Current Value for SO series in following steps.

Go to Naming Series Tool

Setup > System > Naming Series

Update Series Section

Update Series Section