Sales Person Target Allocation

It is the assignment of Sales Persons to an item or a territory.

Along with the management of Sales Persons, ERPNext also allows you to assign target Sales Persons based on Item Group and Territory. Based on target allocated and actual sales booked by Sales Person, you will get the Target Variance Report for the Sales Person.

1. Sales Person - Target Allocation

1.1 Open Sales Person's Master

To allocate target, you need to open specific Sales Person master.

Selling > Sales Partners and Territory > Sales Person > Edit

1.2 Allocate Target

In the Sales Person master, you will find a table called Sales Person Targets.

Sales person target

In this table, you should select Item Group, Fiscal Year, Territory, Target Qty, Target Amount, and Target Distribution.

You can give target in amount or quantity, or both. Item Group or Territory can also be left blank. In this case, the system will calculate target based on All Item Groups or All the Territories respectively.

Target Distribution

You can spread the target across months. For this create a new mont