Sales Reports

You can view your company's sales performance, analyze sales data in different views to see the sales performance. With filters, you can dynamically change what is displayed. There are three window areas that make up the Sales Analytics Report-The Filter Toolbar Window, the Graph Window and the Data Window shown as follows:

These analytics can be found under:

Home > Selling > Key Reports

1. Sales Analytics Report

Go to Selling > Analytics > Sales Analytics. The Sales Analytics report looks like this:

Sales Analytics Sections

The toolbar provides filters to select what data is to be used. Using the dropdown selections, the data displayed can be refined. As the selections are made, data is reflected in the data window as well as the graph window.

Sales Analytics Filters

Within the data window, selections can be made to expand or compress the data to be analyzed. Each box can be selected or unselected. There is no restriction for data comparison, so a higher level can be compared to a lower level.

Sales Analytics Result

Using the 'Set Chart' button, you can set values for the X and Y fields, use different type of charts and select a col