Course Scheduling Tool

A Course Scheduling Tool will allow you to create Course Schedules in bulk for a particular Student Group and an Instructor.

Course Scheduling Tool

To access the Course Scheduling Tool, go to:

Home > Education > Schedule > Course Scheduling Tool

1. Prerequisites

Before creating a Course Schedule, it is advised that you create the following first:

  1. Student Group
  2. Instructor
  3. Course
  4. Room

2. How to create a Course Schedule using the Course Scheduling Tool

  1. Select and add the Student Group. Once you do this, the Academic Term, Academic Year the Program will be auto-populated.
  2. Select and add the Course.
  3. Select and add the Instructor whose lectures are being scheduled using the tool.
  4. Select and add the Room wherein the lectures will take place.
  5. Change the From Time