Suppliers are companies or individuals who provide you with products or services.

To access the Supplier list, go to:

Home > Buying > Supplier > Supplier

1. How to create a Supplier

  1. Go to the Supplier list and click on New.
  2. Enter a name for the supplier.
  3. Select the supplier group whether Pharmaceutical, Hardware etc.
  4. Save. Supplier Master

The options to Warn RFQs, POs, Prevent RFQs, POs will be available once you create a Supplier Scorecard and transactions are made.

2. Features

Fields in future transactions will be auto-populated if the 'Default' fields like Default Bank Account, Default Payment Terms Template etc., are set in Supplier.

2.1 Tax details

  • Country: If the supplier is from another country, you can change it here.
  • Tax ID: Tax identification number of the supplier.
  • Tax Category: This is linked to Tax Rule. If a Tax Category is set here, when you select this supplier, the respective Purchase Tax and Charges template will be applied. This template is linked to the Tax Rule and the Tax Rule is linked with a Tax Category. Tax Category can be used to group suppliers to whom same