Milestone Tracking

Introduced in Version 12

You can automatically track milestones based on the lifecycle of a document if it undergoes multiple stages.

The configuration for Milestone setting can be set in Milestone Tracking and each milestone is updated in Milestone

To access Milestone Tracker, go to:

Home > Settings > Milestone Tracker

1. Creating a Milestone Tracker

  1. Click on New.
  2. Set the Document Type to track (example: "Issue").
  3. Set the field that represents stages (example: "Status").

Note: A milestone stage can be defined by Link or Select properties.

Once this is set, a new Milestone record is created every time the status of any issue is changed.

The Milestone can be viewed in the timeline of the view:


Note: Milestones work independently of Versions.

2. Features

Milestones can be a great source for reporting and notifying. For example, if Lead Qualification is a milestone on "Lead", milestones can help generate reports on the number of leads being qualified in a period.

2.1 Using Milestones with Dashboards