ERPNext QuickBooks Migrator

How to Setup QuickBooks Migrator?

Create a QuickBooks Online App

  1. From Awesome-bar, Go to "QuickBooks Migrator" DocType.
  2. Go to Inuit Developer Portal
  3. Sign In with your existing account or Sign Up.
  4. Go to "My Apps" page.
  5. Click on "Select APIs".
  6. Under "QuickBooks API" Check "Accounting".
  7. Click on "Create App".

    • You'll be taken to the Dashboard of your App.
  8. Go to "Keys" tab.

  9. Go to "Production Keys" Section.

    • Complete requirements.
  10. In "QuickBooks Migrator" DocType a "Redirect URL" will be generated for you and add it in the list of "Redirect URIs" of your Inuit App (under "Production Keys" section). Click Save.

    • Make sure that the Redirect URL starts with https.
  11. From "Production Keys" section copy "Client ID" and "Client Secret" to "QuickBooks Migrator" DocType.

  12. Save "QuickBooks Migrator".

Connect to QuickBooks Online API

  1. Click "Connect to QuickBooks".
  2. A new tab will open in your browser and You'll be asked to Log In.
  3. If you have more than one companies then Select the company you want to migrate.