Inter Company Invoices

An Inter Company Journal Invoice is done between organizations that belong to the same group.

Along with creating Purchase Invoices or Sales Invoices for a single company, you can create inter-linked invoices for multiple companies.

For example, you can create a Purchase Invoice for a company say 'Company ABC', and create a Sales Invoice against this Purchase Invoice for another company say 'Company XYZ' and link them together.

1. How to create Inter Company Invoices

1.1 Setting up

  1. Go to: Accounts > Masters > Customer.
  2. Select the Customer who you would want to choose for the inter-linked invoice.
  3. Enable the checkbox, Is Internal Customer shown as follows:

Internal Customer

  1. Add the company which the Customer represents in the Represents Company field. This the company for which the Sales Invoice will be created.
  2. In the Allowed To Transact With table, add the company against which you will be creating a Purchase Invoice.
  3. Now, when you create a Purchase Invoice against company A (customer is from company B, the seller is company A), it'll be linked to the Sales Invoice for company A created using this Interna