Customise Cash Flow Report

As your chart of accounts begins to get more complex and reporting standards change and evolve, the default cash flow report might no longer suffice. This is because ERPNext might not be able to accurately guess the classification and purpose of all accounts in the charts of accounts. Another gripe you might have is the inability to adjust the report format to fit your needs.

This will no longer be a problem because ERPNext now allows users to customise the cash flow report.

Technical Overview

Customisation is made possible by the introduction of two new doctypes - Cash Flow Mapper and Cash Flow Mapping. Both doctypes contain the information required to generate a cash flow report.

Cash Flow Mapping shows how accounts in your charts of accounts map to a line item in your cash flow report while Cash Flow Mapper gets all the Cash Flow Mappings that relate to the three sections of a cash flow statement.

With this, you generate detailed cash flow reports to your requirements. This might not make a lot of sense but it will after we go through an example.


Background information

Let's assume we have a fictitious company for which we want to generate a cash flow report. This is what the cash flow report looks like at the moment: