Accounting Reports

Some of the major accounting reports are:

1. Company and Accounts

General Ledger

Go to: Accounts > Company and Accounts > General Ledger.

The General Ledger is a detailed report for all transactions posted to each account and for every transaction there is a Credit and Debit account so it lists them all up.

The report is based on the table GL Entry and can be filtered by many pre-defined filters like Account, Cost Centers, Party, Project and Period etc. This helps you to get a full update for all entries posted in a period against any account. The result can be grouped by Account, Voucher/Transaction and Party with opening and closing balances for each group. In case of multi-currency accounting, there is also an option to check the amounts in any other currency than company's base currency.

General Ledger

2. Accounting Statements

2.1 Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (AR / AP)

Go to: Accounts > Accounting Statements > Accounts Receivable.

These reports help you to track the outstanding amount of Customers and Suppliers. It also provides ageing analysis i.e. a break-up of outstanding amount based on the period for which the amount is outstanding