Opportunity is a qualified lead.

When you get a hint that lead is looking for a product/service that you offer, you can convert that lead into an opportunity. You can also create an opportunity against an existing customer. Multiple Opportunities can be collected against a lead or a customer.

To access the Opportunity list, go to:

Home > CRM > Sales Pipeline > Opportunity

1. How to Create an Opportunity

  1. Go to the Opportunity list and click on 'Add Opportunity'.
  2. In 'Opportunity From', select Lead if opportunity is from a lead.

    Creating New Opportunity

  3. You can also go to a Lead with 'Open' status and select “Opportunity” under Create dropdown as shown below.

    Create Opportunity From Lead

  4. In 'Opportunity From', select Customer if opportunity is from a customer.

  5. Select Opportunity Type. This indicates the broad category of opportunity like Sales, Support, Maintenance etc.

  6. You can add more details like Opportunity Amount, Probability (of conversion), Currency in 'SALES' section.

  7. You can capture the details of the products/services needed by clicking on 'With Items' checkbox and adding the item and quantity details in 'Items' section.