CRM Reports

CRM module's reports feature helps users get the information about the prospects. Using the following reports, an ERPNext user can analyze the data about a prospect's history with a company and will help users build strong relationships with the prospects. These are a collection of reports under CRM > Reports.

1. Lead Details

This report provides lead name, address, contact details, lead source, territory, and other details.

Lead Details Report

2. Sales Funnel

By using the sales funnel report, and by quantifying the number of prospects at each stage of the process, you can get an idea of your potential customers.

For more details check Sales Funnel.

3. Prospects Engaged But Not Converted

Using this report, user gets the information about the leads who have shown interest in the business with you but due to some reason they were not converted into the customers.

Prospects Engaged But Not Converted

4. Minutes to First Response for Opportunity

In this internet era, we all expect a quicker response time to any of our queries. This report gives you the details about time taken by sales executives for re