Blog Post

A Blog Post is an article on your website.

Blogs are a great way to share your thoughts about your business. It helps keep your customers and readers updated on news related to your business.

In the age of the internet, writing assumes a lot of significance because when people come to your website, they want to read about you and your product.

To access the Blog Post, go to:

Home > Website > Blog > Blog Post

1. How to create a Blog Post

  1. Go to the Blog Post list and click on New.
  2. Enter the Title, Blog Category, Blogger, and the Content.
  3. Enable Published and click on Save.

The Blog Intro is a short description of your blog that appears just after the title and before the content.

New Blog Post

You can write your blog in Rich Text, Markdown, or HTML. If you want to write simple content pages, Rich Text and Markdown are great options. Learn how to attach images to your blog here.

Learn markdown in a few minutes at Mastering Markdown.

Blog Post in Markdown Blog Post in Markdown

View your Blog Post by clicking on See on Website in the sidebar. Blog Post Blog Post

2. Features

2.1 Blogger

Blogger is a user who can post blogs. To create a Blogger, go to:

Home > Website > Blog > Blogger.

You can mention a short bio about the blogger and also set an avatar here.

Blogger Blogger

The preview will be shown at the end of the blog post. Blogger Preview Blogger Preview

2.2 Blog Category

You can group your blogs into categories. To create a new Blog Category, go to:

Home > Website > Blog > Blog Category.

Blog Category Blog Category

If you click on See on Website in the sidebar, you'll be redirected to a list of blogs under that category.

Blog Category - General Blog Category - General

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