Linking Emails to Documents

Introduced in v12

An email can be linked to multiple documents in ERPNext.

This can be done in the following two ways:

  • Email Aggregation in Contact, Customer, Supplier.

  • Automatic Email Linking.

1. Email Aggregation for Customer and Supplier

Email Aggregation takes place in Contact, Customer, and Supplier. All the Emails sent or received from a Contact can be viewed in that Contact's Timeline and as well as linked Customer's or Supplier's Timeline. To enable Email Aggregation, do the following:

  1. In a Contact, add Links for the Customer or Supplier respectively.

    Add Customer/Supplier in Contact

  2. Now when an Email is sent to or received from the Contact associated with Customer or Supplier, that email is linked to the Customer or Supplier mentioned in the Links section of the Contact.

    With Filters

2. Automatic Email Linking to a Document

Automatic Email Linking links an Email to the Document specified in the unique Email Address generated by the system for a document. If an Email is sent or received using the unique Email Address, the system will link that Email to the Document.

  1. Enable Automatic Email Linking in Email Account. This feature can be used only with one Email Account at a time.

    Add Customer/Supplier in Contact

  2. Once this feature has been enabled, you will see a unique Email ID generated using the Email ID mentioned in the Email Account.

  3. Now you can copy the Email ID by clicking on it and you can send or receive Emails using the unique Email ID. If an Email contains this unique Email ID either in the Recipients or Cc section, the system will link that Email to the specified Document.

    Add Customer/Supplier in Contact

Note: Email linking with BCC is not supported. You have to add unique email as receipient in TO or CC.

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