Difference Between System User and Website User

Question: I have added my Employee as a User and have assigned them Roles as well. Still, they are not able to view Dashboard on the login.


There are two type of Users in ERPNext.

  • System Users: They are typically internal users such as employees, managers, and administrators who need extensive access to the ERPNext system to perform various business operations. They have a higher level of access and more detailed permissions, allowing them to interact with multiple modules, generate reports, and customize workflows.

  • Website Users: They are typically external users like customers or suppliers who interact with the ERPNext system through a web portal. Their access is limited to functionalities relevant to their needs, such as placing orders, viewing order status, or managing their account information. Their interface is simpler compared to the comprehensive backend interface used by system users.

Here is the tabular comparison between System User and Website User in ERPNext

System User

Website User

This type is useful for managing internal activities and operations

It is useful for managing external operations and transactions

It provides full access to ERPNext modules and features

It provides restricted access to ERPNext modules and features

Typical users in this category are internal employees

The user persona in this type includes external parties such as customers, clients etc

They are created by an administrator within ERPNext

They can be self-registered or created by an administrator

It provides access to company-wide data and reports

It provides access to only personal data and limited reports

They can view, create, edit, and delete records

They can mostly view and create records relevant to them

They have full data entry capabilities across all modules

They have limited to data entry relevant to their role

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