Stock Reconciliation

Stock Reconciliation is the process of counting and evaluating material/products, periodically at the year end.

This is done in order to:

  • Keep the actual physical stock count and book stock count in sync
  • Value the stock for preparation of the accounting statements

The Stock Reconciliation feature in ERPNext is used for:

  • Posting opening stock
  • Reconciling book and actual stock

To access the Stock Reconciliation list, go to:

Home > Stock > Tools > Stock Reconciliation

1. How to Create a Stock Reconciliation to Post Opening Stock

Using stock reconciliation you can update the number of specific items in a warehouse as of specific time. You can also add Items in the stock which have Serial Numbers or the Batch Numbers.

  1. Go to the Stock Reconciliation list, click on New.
  2. Select the Purpose as 'Opening Stock'. You can edit the posting Date and Time.
  3. Select Item Code, Warehouse, Quantity, and Valuation Rate. If there is a Serial / Batch No involved, add it.
  4. If you want to auto-generate Serial No / Batch No then keep those fields blank.
    • For auto-generation of Serial No, you need to set "Serial Number Series" in the Item master.
    • For auto-generation of Batch no, you need to enable "Automatically Cre