Stock Ledger Report

A Stock Ledger Report is a detailed record that keeps track of stock movements for a company.

Inward or outward transactions related to Manufacturing, Purchasing, Selling, and Stock Transfers are recorded in the Stock Ledger which then is reflected in the Stock Ledger Report.

It reflects the quantity and value of stock issued, received, or transferred along with the stock item and its warehouse details.

It can be referred when the Perpetual Inventory system is enabled, as this report reflects the history of all your stock transactions. It presents a more granular view of the stock transactions.

Stock Ledger Report Attributes

  • Incoming Rate: It reflects the actual value of the stock at which it was brought under your inventory. It reflects the same value as entered in the Rate field of the document.

  • Balance Value: It represents the total value of the remainder stock in the inventory. It is the product of Valuation Rate and Balance Quantity of a stock item.

  • Valuation Rate: It is calculated based upon the valuation method selected.

Here is how Stock Ledger Report represents a Stock Entry of type Material Receipt.

Stock Ledger Report

It reflects an item