With workflows you can rewrite how a particular process/workflow is approved in ERPNext.

You can set multiple levels of approval for an ERPNext Workflow. To allow multiple people to submit multiple requests, for approvals by multiple users, ERPNext requires you to fill the Workflow conditions. ERPNext tracks the multiple permissions before submission.

Consider a scenario, where multiple levels of approval are required for a quotation. A sales person (user with 'Sales User' role) will create a quotation. Then it is either approved or rejected by a sales lead (user with 'Sales Manager' role). If approved by sales lead, it is further approved or rejected by regional manager (user with 'Regional Manager' role).

To make a Workflow and transition rules go to:

Home > Settings > Workflow

Once a Workflow is created, you can take actions on it via Workflow Actions.

1. Prerequisites

Before creating a Workflow, it is advised to create these first:

2. How to Create a Workflow

  1. Go to the Workflow list, click on New.
  2. Enter a name for the Workflow and select the DocType on which to be applied.
  3. Enter the different states of