Setting up an ERP system is like starting your business all over again but in the virtual world. Thankfully it is not as hard as the real business and you get to do a trial too!

To get an ERP implementation right, the implementor needs to set aside time and perform the implementation with dedication. Usually, this is not your post work side project you spare a couple of hours on.

You'll find the global configuration options here, for module-wise setup, visit the respective modules.

Video Tutorials

1. Basic Setup

  1. Intoduction to ERPNext Frappe School Course
  2. User and Permissions

2 Data and Printing

  1. Data Import Tool
  2. Printing and Branding

3 Email and SMS

  1. Email Account
  2. Email Inbox

4 Files

  1. File Manager

5 Sales

  1. Customer and Supplier
  2. Item and Pricing
  3. Opening Invoices Creation Tool
  4. Opening Stock