Salary Slip from Timesheet

The salary of an employee can be calculated based on the number of hours that he has worked for on a particular project.

To enable the same, you may choose to create the Employee's Salary Slip directly from a Timesheet.

Salary Slip

1. How to Create A Salary Slip from A Timesheet

  1. Once the Timesheet is submitted, and an invoice has been generated, go to the Timesheet and click on 'Create Salary Slip'.
  2. All the details, like the Employee, Employee Name, Posting Date, Company Name, Letter Head, etc. will get captured from the Timesheet.
  3. Dates: Since this Salary Slip is getting generated out of a Timesheet, it will auto-fetch the Start Date and End Date from the Timesheet. However, the same can be changed.
  4. Salary Slip Timesheet: The details of the Timesheet from which the Salary Slip was created will be captured. You can also more Timesheets here to create a single Salary Slip against multiple Timesheets.
  5. Save and Submit.

    Salary Slip

1.1. Additional Details while Creating a Salary Sl