Payment Terms Template

Payment Terms Template allow you to club multiple payment terms together and fetch in transactions.

After creation, the Payment Terms Table can be set to a specific Customer/Supplier. On selecting the Customer/Supplier in a transaction, the Payment Terms Template will be fetched automatically into the transaction.

For example:

If you receive payment in the slab of 30-70, then you can define Payment Term for each slab, i.e. 30% and 70%.

In the Payment Terms Template, you can select all the Payment Terms and define a template which can be easily applied in the sales and purchase transactions.

Payment Terms Template

1. Prerequisites

Before creating and using Payment Request, it is advisable to create the following first:

  1. Payment Terms

2. How to create a Payment Terms Template

A Payment Terms Template tells ERPNext how to populate the table in the 'Payment Terms Schedule' section of the sales/purchase document.

You should use it if you have a set of standard Payment Terms or for ease of use.

  1. Go to the Payment Term Template list and click on New.
  2. Enter a name for the template.
  3. Add the created Paym