Multi Currency Accounting

Transacting in two different currencies is known as Multi Currency Accounting.

In ERPNext, you can make accounting entries in multiple currencies. For example, if you have a bank account in foreign currency, you can make transactions in that currency and the system will show bank balance in that specific currency only.

Bank accounts in foreign currencies can be for other branches of your own company or Debtors/Creditors account for foreign Customers/Suppliers.

1. Setup

1.1 Set currency in Chart of Accounts

To get started with multi-currency accounting, you need to assign accounting currency in the Account record. You can define Currency from Chart of Accounts while creating an Account.

Set Currency in Account

1.2 New account with different currency

You can also assign/modify the currency by opening specific Account records for existing Accounts.

Update Currency in Ledger

1.3 Currency for Customer/Supplier

For Customer/Supplier (Party), you can also de