Grant SSH access of self hosted server to frappe team

What do we require from Self Hosted Users?

  1. Server IP
  2. Root or equivalent user's SSH access
  3. Port 80, 443 should be open publicly
  4. Share ssh port. By default it is 22, but if they have changed this please ask them to share the port

How will end users be able to share ssh access with the frappe team?

  1. We access all self hosted servers via a gateway server ie
  2. If user has server on AWS
  3. aws provides a .pem file and a ssh url, please ask user to share these two things with frappe team.
  4. Otherwise:
  5. copy content from frappe.key file from
  6. add keys under .ssh/authorized_keys for root user or equivalent user
  7. Steps to copy keys:
  8. login to your server via root or equivalent user
  9. curl > .ssh/authorized_keys