Cashier Closing

A retail counter may have multiple people operating it throughout the day in different shifts. Cashier closing in POS allows a cashier to record the sales and details at the end of his/her shift.

To access the Cashier Closing list, go to:

Home > Retail > Retail Operations > POS

1. How to create a Cashier Closing

  1. Go to the Cashier Closing list and click on New.
  2. Enter the shift start and end time.
  3. Enter any expenses incurred during the shift like refershments, tea, coffee, etc.
  4. In the Payments table, enter the mode of Payment and the amount received.
  5. Save and Submit. POS Cashier Closing
  • Custody: The amount in the cash drawer.
  • Returns: The amount for the Items returned by Customers.

From here, the accountant or concerned person can collect, tally the cash and make the necessary Journal Entries to update the Company ledgers.