Server Script

A Server Script lets you dynamically define a Python Script that is executed on the server on a document event or API

Introduced in Version 12

1. How to create a Server Script

To create a Server Script

  1. If your site is being hosted on, contact support to activate Server Script. In case of self-hosted accounts, set server_script_enabled as true in site_config.json of your site.
  2. To add/edit Server Script, ensure your role is System Manager.
  3. Create a new server script via "New Server Script" in the toolbar.
  4. Select the type of server script: Document Event, API, Permission Query.
  5. Set the document type and event name, or method name, script and save.

2. Features

2.1 Enabling Server Script

Server script must be enabled via site_config.json

bench --site site1.local set-config server_script_enabled true

2.2 Document Events

For scripts that are to be called via document events, you must set the Reference Document Type and Event Name to define the trigger

  • Before Insert
  • Before Save
  • After Save
  • Before Submit
  • After Submit
  • Before Cancel
  • After Cancel
  • Before Delete
  • After Delete
  • Before Save (Submitted Document)
  • After Save (Submitted Document)

2.3 API Scripts

You can create a new API that can be accessed via api/method/[methodname] by the script type "API"

If you want the guest user to access the API, you must check on "Allow Guest"

The response can be set via frappe.response["message"] object

2.4 Permission Query

This type of script allows you to add custom conditions in where clause for a DocType list query.

For example, let's say you want to show the list of ToDo records to a user only if they assigned the record or it was assigned to them. This can implemented by the following script:

conditions = 'owner = {user} or assigned_by = {user}'.format(user=frappe.db.escape(user))

The resulting select query will look something like this:

select * from `tabToDo` where owner = '' or assigned_by = ''

Now, the list view of ToDo will show restricted records. This will also restrict the results shown in Link fields.

2.5 Security

Frappe Framework uses the RestrictedPython library to restrict access to methods available for server scripts. Only the safe methods, listed below are available in server scripts

json # json module
dict # internal dict
_ # translator method
_dict # frappe._dict internal method
frappe.flags # global flags

frappe.format # frappe.format_value(value, dict(fieldtype='Currency'))
frappe.format_value # frappe.format_value(value, dict(fieldtype='Currency'))
frappe.date_format # default date format
frappe.format_date # returns date as "1st September 2019"

frappe.form_dict # form / request parameters
frappe.request # request object
frappe.response # response object
frappe.session.user # current user
frappe.session.csrf_token # CSRF token of the current session
frappe.user  # current user
frappe.get_fullname # fullname of the current user
frappe.get_gravatar # frappe.utils.get_gravatar_url
frappe.full_name = # fullname of the current user

frappe.get_meta # get metadata object

# DB

frappe.msgprint # msgprint
frappe.get_hooks # app hooks
frappe.utils # methods in frappe.utils
frappe.render_template # frappe.render_template,
frappe.get_url # frappe.utils.get_url
frappe.sendmail # send email via server script
frappe.get_print # get pdf for a doc
frappe.attach_print # attach PDF to an email
socketio_port # port for socketio
style.border_color # '#d1d8dd'
guess_mimetype = mimetypes.guess_type,
html2text = html2text,
dev_server # True if in developer mode
run_script # Run another server script


3. Examples

3.1 Change the value of a property before change

Script Type: Before Save

if "test" in doc.description:
    doc.status = 'Closed'

3.2 Custom validation

Script Type: "Before Save"

if "validate" in doc.description:
    raise frappe.ValidationError

3.3. Auto Create To Do

Script Type: "After Save"

if doc.allocated_to:
        doctype = 'ToDo'
        owner = doc.allocated_to,
        description = doc.subject

3.4 API

  • Script Type: API
  • Method Name: test_method
frappe.response['message'] = "hello"

Request: /api/method/test_method

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