Timer in Timesheet

A Timer can be used to record the actual time taken by an employee to finish a particular activity in a Timesheet.

Steps to start a Timer:

  • In a Timesheet On clicking Start Timer a dialog box pops up and you are required to enter the following details:
    • Activity Type: The Activity for which you are recording the Time.
    • Project: The Project for which you are creating the Timesheet.
    • Task: The Task for which you are recording the time in the Timesheet.
    • Expected Hrs: Enter the number of hours that you expect the Task to finish in.

Timer in Progress

  • Once you have completed the Task, click on Complete. A new entry will be created in the Timesheet, and the time will get recorded as a Time Sheet in the Time Sheets Table in the Timesheet.

  • If the time exceeds the 'Expected Hrs', an alert box appears.

Timer Exceeded