Before we do anything, we need to define some details about where our crops will be planted. We will first create our farm as a parent land unit, and then we will add one or more fields as children or nodes, belonging to the parent.

> Agriculture > Land Unit

On the desk, click on the Land Unit icon. assets/img/new-land-unit-icon.png A list will show any existing Land Units.

On the top right, click on New to create the first Land Unit.

  • Land Unit Name: Carrot Farm
  • Parent Land Unit: All Land Units
  • Check the box next to 'Is Group'
  • Location: plot the area as you please

Click Save

It should look something like this


With the farm created, we can now create our first Carrot Field! Click on New

  • Land Unit Name: Carrot Field 1
  • Parent Land Unit:select the one we just created in step two, i.e. Carrot Farm
  • Leave the 'Is Group' box unchecked
  • Location: plot the area as you please

Click Save

Repeat step 3 for as many fields as you need