Leave Application

If your company has a formal system where Employees have to apply for leaves to be able to qualify as paid leaves, you can create Leave Application to track approval and usage of leaves. The applying employee requires to select their Employee record, Leave Type and the period for which the leave is taken.

Leave Application and Attendance Link

To create a new Leave Application, go to:

Human Resources > Leaves and Holiday > Leave Application > New Leave Application

Leave Application

Basic Workflow:

  • Employee applies for leave through Leave Application
  • Approver gets notification via email, "Follow via Email" should be checked for this.
  • Approver reviews Leave Application
  • Approver approves/rejects Leave Application
  • Employee gets notification on the status of his/her Leave Application

Leave Allocation Tool

Setting Leave Approver

  • A leave approver is a user who can approve an leave application for an employee. Leave Approvers for each department can be configured in the Department master.

Tip : If you want all users to create their own Leave Applications, you can set their “Employee ID” as a match rule in the Leave Application Permission settings. See the earlier discussion on Setting Up Permissions for more info.


  • Leave Application period must be within a single Leave Allocation period. In case, you are applying for leave across leave allocation period, you have to create two Leave Application records.
  • Application period must be in the latest Allocation period.
  • Employee can't apply for leave on the dates which are added in the "Leave Block List".

To understand how ERPNext allows you configure leaves for employees, check Leaves

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