Leave Allocation

Leave Allocation enables you to allocate a specific number of leaves of a particular type to an Employee.

To access Leave Allocation, go to:

Home > Human Resources > Leaves > Leave Allocation

1. Prerequisites

Before creating a Leave Allocation, it is advisable you create the following documents:

2. How to create a Leave Allocation

  1. Go to Leave Allocation list, click on New.
  2. Select the Employee, Leave Type, From Date and To Date.
  3. Enter the number of New Leaves Allocated for that particular Leave Type.
  4. Save and Submit.

    Leave Allocation

Note: Check the 'Add unused leaves from previous allocations' checkbox in case you want to carry forward unused leaves from previous allocation period for this particular Leave Type.

2.1 Allocating Leaves through Leave Period

Leaves are usually allocated for a particular Leave Period. Once a Leave Period is created and saved, you can click on the Grant button to generate Leave Allocations based on the Leave Policy applicable to each Employee.

Grant Leaves from Leave Period

You can allocate leaves based on Employee Grade, Department or Designation. Also, note that 'Add unused leaves from previous allocations' check will enable you to carry forward any unused leaves (for Leave Types with 'Is Carry Forward' turned on) from previous allocations to new ones.

Once the Leaves are granted, Leaves will be allocated to the selected Employees based on the Leave Policy set in the Employee master.

Manual Leave Allocation

  1. Leave Application
  2. Compensatory Leave Request
  3. Leave Encashment
  4. Leave Block List
  5. Holiday List